The Smart Home comes of age in 2018. A bunch of new products are being introduced at trade shows this year, including the International Builders’ Show and the Consumer Electronics Show.

Wireless Kitchen

It may seem futuristic but cords may be a sooo 20th century soon. The startup firm Urbaneer is developing a kitchen design that allows appliances to charge right on the countertop, no cords needed. The compatible devices charge and can be used for cooking when needed but then can be stored out of the way freeing up space when finished. Great idea for small kitchens.

Remote Controls

Ever since the introduction of the TV remote control, we have seen these devices used in more applications. The firm Nanoleaf makes internet connected light panels and recently debuted a 12-sided geometric device that can be programmed separately to control specific devices such as lights, fans, thermostats and speakers. It works with Apple’s HomeKit.

Can Fitness Data Put You to Sleep?

We are getting used to seeing fitness trackers monitor heart rate, footsteps and more, but can all this biometric data help you sleep or even prevent disease? A few companies like Sleep Number think the answer is yes.